Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art Vienna, 2011

The Viennese coffee house is a special institution, whose meaning outreaches the sum of its coffee variations. Who held something on himself, sat down not only in the coffee house to write, but also to correspond to the picture of a contemporary author. Owing to their written documentations of that environment, the coffee house has the value of a cultural heritage.
'Homage to Karl' is a study of this microcosm and translates that narcissism in view of the topical context of the scene coffee house and his liven by the visitors. The literary descriptions of the approach and selfrepresentation of the belletrists are used as a basis and are turned to the homage to them and their meaning for the institution of the coffee house.
The raised hide creates moments of selfstaging but also offers the possibility of the retreat, both caused by the rise of the seat. Not only the actual position of viewer and looked are put in a new tension relation, but also their points of view to each other are in a new composition.
A personal field serves for the preservation of private objects as well as as a table and allows by his mirrored surface, on the one hand, to his user, on the other hand, also to the surrounding people a constant back coupling of the own appearance.

Project Initiated by the Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art Vienna
Edited by Neue Wiener Werkstätte (production on request)
Design Patrycja Domanska, Felix Gieselmann
Photography MAK / Georg Mayer, MAK / Wolfgang Woessner