Vienna Design Week Review Party, 2010

'last night I dreamed...' is a design installation by Patrycja Domanska, Veronika Ritzer and Felix Gieselmann set up for the Vienna Design Week Review Party at the Hotel Triest (Vienna, Austria) in December 2010.
'last night I dreamed...' is an attempt to explore the sexuality of daily objects. The most basic parameters of design like form, dimension, material, surface and combinations of objects trigger very individual associations with people. The designers take these as tools for their experiments, conducted on six pillows arranged on a hotel bed and commented by cryptical sentences that are to further inspire the viewer´s mind. There are no descriptions guiding through in order to still allow for the subjectivity of eroticism and sexuality.

Project commissioned by Vienna Design Week
Design Patrycja Domanska, Felix Gieselmann, Veronika Ritzer
Photography Georg Milde

                        © georg milde